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  • We love our Canadian friends, but no, we are not Canadian!

We are an American owned and staffed company.

  • Personalized Customer Service

We have five locations in the Tampa Bay area where our staff personally meets or talks by telephone with our customers daily.  If you prefer to talk to the same person about your order, you can!


   Zephyrhills, FL                813-788-2007

   Largo, FL                         727-474-3832

   Tampa, FL                        813-381-5220

   Lakeland, FL                    863-272-7565

   Tarpon Springs, FL        727-551-4926

   Toll Free                      1-866-USA-DRUG


When we first opened our doors (yes, we said “doors”—our first brick and mortar location was in Zephyrhills, FL, in 2003), we met with people who were burdened by the high cost of their medication but did not know where to look for affordable alternatives.  Our first customers did not want to go on the Internet to find cheap medication, but they knew they were paying too much for their prescriptions. They were concerned about legal issues, safety concerns, and wondered if their doctors would approve of their choices if they did decide to use an International source.

They came to us, and we sat down and talked to them, listening to their concerns, answering their questions, and treating each one of them as a member of our own family. We got to know them. We talked about where they were from, what they were up to now that they had retired, and realized just how similar their stories were to those we had heard from our own relatives. We helped them save money and brought them peace of mind by providing access to safe, affordable medication through the sources we had cultivated in Canada.  We made it easy for them to have their medication shipped directly to their home and provided free refill reminders as a courtesy. 

In 2006 when the Part D drug benefit was added to Medicare, our customers were faced with new challenges. Once again, we sat down with them--and continue to do so annually--to develop an individualized game plan to maneuver the Medicare maze safely.

Our success resulted in the opening of our second location in Largo, FL, in 2008, where we continued to bring affordable medication to those who needed it while focusing on personalized customer service and face-to-face or telephone consultations with each of our customers.  

In June 2010, we opened our third location in Tampa, FL, and in December 2012, our fourth location opened its door in Lakewood, FL. The new storefront, located at 1705 Lakeland Hills Boulevard, provides Polk County residents who are uninsured or self-employed a more affordable way to purchase the medications they need.

In 2014 our Tarpon Springs location was opened at 39036 U.S. Highway 19 N, bringing our services closer to our clients in East Pasco County. Our consultants continue to advise these customers on their best course of action, and find them the best drug prices through our network of licensed U.S. and international pharmacies. 


  • Client base from around the US

Even though our physical locations are all in Florida, our reputation has grown significantly and we now service thousands of people from across the United States. The word of our success has been spread through customer recommendations as well as referrals from physicians and insurance agents, who know how valuable we can be to seniors, to the uninsured or self-employed, or to anyone who wants to save money.

  • Global Network of Licensed Pharmacies

We are not a pharmacy.  We work with a network of licensed US, Canadian and International pharmacies to provide you the best prices on your prescription medication and arrange to have your medication shipped directly to your door.  We only provide medication manufactured in facilities that have been approved by the FDA or like agencies in their respective countries, assuring the highest level of safety. All orders placed through us require a valid prescription signed by a licensed physician.  

  • Community Supporter

We have worked hard over the last eight years for people just like you to build our reputation as a premier provider of affordable international mail order prescription medication.  We are a proud supporter of the community and its people. We are members of the Greater Dade City, the Largo, the Greater Wesley Chapel, the Greater Tampa and the Greater Zephyrhills Chambers of Commerce, as well as a member of the National Association of Health Underwriters. Our owner, Bill Hepscher, has served on local boards of directors and was the recipient of the Florida Association of Health Underwriters 2011 Emerging Leader Award. We sponsored the Clearwater Threshers’ Silver Sharks fan club during the 2011 Season.

  • We stay in touch

If you ever need to talk to us, you will have no trouble finding us! As a matter of fact, if you live in or are visiting the Tampa Bay area, we would love to have you stop by and say Hello!

We are open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to answer your questions, give a quote or take your order by telephone. You can also reach us anytime by email at sales@drugstoreunlimited.com  for the Zephyrhills, FL office; ben@drugstoreunlimited.com for the Largo, FL office; dan@drugstoreunlimited.com for the Tampa, FL or Tarpon Springs offices or reid@drugstoreunlimited.com for Lakeland FL office.

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  • Peace of Mind

Bottom Line—The Internet is a great source for looking up facts and statistics and for finding old friends, but when you are looking to make an important purchase regarding your health, nothing beats having a real person available who knows you, whom you can trust and can ask questions of whenever you need to.

You may be meeting us on the Internet for the first time or are one of our neighbors from the Tampa Bay Area who is following up on a newspaper advertisement. But we suspect you are not really very different from our first customers, who were looking for safe, affordable medication and valued personalized service with a human touch.

If you want to do business with someone who provides affordable prices, reliable service and gives special attention to “family”, give us a call. No matter where you live, we would love to add you to our family of satisfied customers.  We love hearing comments like this from our client-family:  "Doing buisness with you is like having a nephew in the business".

It doesn't get better than that!

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