The Canadian Drugstore Expands with New Storefront in Lakeland 

Lakeland, FL (January 3, 2011) — The Canadian Drugstore, the locally-owned and operated discount drugstore, is expanding its footprint with a new location in Lakeland, Florida.

The new storefront, located at 1705 Lakeland Hills Boulevard, provides Polk County residents who are uninsured or self-employed a more affordable way to purchase the medications they need. The Canadian Drugstore consultants advise customers on their best course of action, as well as find them the best drug prices through their network of licensed U.S. and international pharmacies.

“We are happy to provide our Lakeland customers with a more convenient way to receive up to 80% on medications through our discounted rates,” said Bill Hepscher, President of The Canadian Drugstore. “The Lakeland store allows us to expand our reach so we can locally utilize international rates on the medications our customers need and at prices they can afford. Customers receive their prescriptions in the mail, making it even easier. We also provide free consultations about their drug coverage so they can rest easy knowing they are covered for medications throughout the year, avoiding the dreaded ‘donut hole’. “ 

International mail order pharmacies are a growing trend in the healthcare industry, especially with more and more individuals uninsured or not able to afford the medications they need. The Canadian Drugstore has been providing discounted medications throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough counties since 2003. 

The Canadian Drugstore has been providing uninsured, self-employed and seniors find affordable health care solutions since 2003. The company utilizes a network of international pharmacies to order medications at up to 80% discount for customers then deliver them directly through the mail. The Canadian Drugstore also provides consultations free of charge at any of their four Florida offices in Zephyrhills, Largo, Tampa or Lakeland.  For more information or to make an appointment, call 813-788-2007,or visit


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